Friday, November 12, 2010

Junkmans Window

Time to put up or shut up.  I keep telling my students to write post more, but I need to realize they have more than just photography class to deal with everyday.  Some of them really love photography, so for them, shooting and posting is what they need to do.  They are fun to have in class and watch grow in their art.

"Junkman" is a friend of mine raised by his father who was even more of a junkman.  You know-someone who collects stuff, packs it into a barn and knows where every little item is.  A few years ago I visited Junkmans boyhood home in  LaValle Wisconsin. His father had passed away and my good friend took the time to look at the property,  do a little hunting and just hanging out.  I loved it.  The old barn on the farmstead had just tons of things collected by his father over the years inside.  In those kinds of places, one has no idea where to start looking.  I could have spent hours in there.  I happened to have my small camera along and as we walked outside, I made this picture quickly.  I loved the red faded paint around the frame and just imagined what it must have looked like many many years ago.  The vine growing up and between the panes reminded me that nature would one day reclaim this place.  I can't always pin down why an image connects with me, and I'm not sure here, but I just like it.  Maybe it reminds me of time spent with a good friend, or that we all return to where we came.

Junkmans Window

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